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About Us

Looking to establish a strong social media presence or produce unmatched content? If so, you've found the proper site. We are an Egyptian-based, fully-equipped integrated digital marketing business that effectively serves clients from all over the world. We promise you quantifiable outcomes and effective promotion for your company or brand.

At the heart of what we do

Our core values



Dealings with clients and within our organization that are open and transparent.



To uphold moral principles even when no one is looking.



To aim for excellence in whatever we do and to become the best.


Nothing is too crazy at Swied. That is what distinguishes us. We possess the creativity, knowledge, and insight that others lack.


We believe in your project so your brand has the right to take its full share of the fame , This is what we look forward to and trust that we will achieve your dream with you.


We are happy that you will use us during your trip, to arrive quickly, and we will take you on the right path without having to constantly look at the description map.

What we do

Your transport gasoline to your brand on top of the world are the modern marketing methods that we follow in Swied to reach the fastest and safest speed .